Iyar Semel

FyahKeepa is a project born of Love for all sorts of Dance Music. His musical path, incorporates many genres into his Freestyle sets such as: Glitch-Hop, Ghetto Funk, Tribal Fusion, Dubstep, Trap, Progressive Tech, Global Beats, Deep Grooves, Electro, Roots, Gypsy, Swing, Balkan, World & Reggae to name a few ...

Iyar began his career as a dj in clubs, bars, private parties and outdoor raves. His quest for quality dance music brought him all the way to the land 'down under' of Australia where he studied Contemporary Music & Audio Engineering for 4 years at a Conservatorium including: Piano, Bass, Guitar, Flute and Drums as well as Theory, Composition, Ensembles, World Music, Choir and Vocal Studies, Live Sound and Recording in the studio.

His studies have led him to explore the foundations of rhythm, harmony and melody as well as the nature of sound.

These days he is keeping busy, creating Fresh Fusion between Cutting Edge Electronic and Live Acoustic.